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What is 9steer?

9steer is a platform for startups to build product-focused advisory board. After creating a startup profile, you may browse product specialists in different industries and invite them to join your board. We found that best results come from maintaining long term relationship between startups and advisors. Knowledge and business context accumulate over time contribute towards giving better advices.

What are the terms on compensation?

There are three types of compensation - Equity, Cash, Equity and Cash. Advisors and startups may specify which type of compensation they prefer when creating their profiles. You may also filter by compensation on search results page to find a good match.

What are the terms on advisors commitment?

Advisors may specify up to how many hours per month they are willing to commit to helping a startup. The options are: 1-2 hours, 5-10 hours, 10+ hours, and custom. We recommend starting with 1-2 hours per month which is the minimum. This give startups access to you when they need it without impacting your current lifestyle. As you become more comfortable advising you may increase the hours later.

Why should I link my 9steer account with my LinkedIn profile?

By linking in your LinkedIn profile, other startups/advisors can inspect and ensure a good fit between them and your needs during first engagement. Also, it saves time and effort so you don't have to write your experience all over again!

An advisor joined my board and it didn’t work out, what should I do?

You may remove him/her from your board under 'Board Advisor' section of your dashboard. If no compensation is agreed, advisor will be notified automatically once removed. If compensation is agreed between yourself and the advisor, you will need to come to an agreement with the advisor on compensation before removing him/her from 9steer board. To ensure a good experience on 9steer, we recommend that you first build up a good understanding and relationship with the advisor before committing to inviting him/her to join your board.

I am an advisor but haven't been contributing for a while, can I leave?

Yes – you can resign anytime and the startup will be automatically notified. If compensation is agreed between yourself and the startup, you will need to come to an agreement with them before resigning from their 9steer board. However, we recommend that you communicate fully with the startup as an advisory relationship is built upon trust.

Can I browse startup profiles and ask them to invite me as a product advisor?

Yes - you may 'Send Intro' to startups from search results page. This is usually the first step of engagement for startups and advisors.

I have invited someone to join my board, but haven’t received a response after a while. What should I do?

You may send him/her a message as a gentle reminder.

Can I own multiple boards for different purposes?

Not at the moment – we are working on this.